Hilton to install twenty thousand level 2 chargers

I am delighted to see an announcement by Hilton that it plans to install twenty thousand level 2 EV chargers across two thousand of its properties.  What Hilton plans to install are Tesla Universal Wall Connectors. 

Tow charging

Let’s say that you run down your EV battery to zero.  Or let’s say you run it down so far that you would be unable to reach your intended charging station.  What can you do?  Some people do “tow charging”, which makes use of the regenerative-braking feature of the vehicle. 

EV startup Fisker joins the Tesla plug club

The EV startup Fisker has, reportedly, delivered only twenty-two actual vehicles to customers to date.  It has announced a pickup truck and and it has announced a car that will supposedly cost less than $30K.  And Fisker has announced that Real Soon Now, all of its newly manufactured electric vehicles will have a Tesla-style charging… Continue reading EV startup Fisker joins the Tesla plug club

Honda joins the club

Honda has now joined the club.  Its newly manufactured EVs (this includes Acura) will, starting next year, have Tesla-style charging ports at the left rear of the car. See the updated canonical list.

New Tesla service and sales facility in Gypsum, Colorado

A new Tesla service and sales facility is slated to open Real Soon Now in Gypsum, Colorado.   This is at 550 Plane Street (Google Maps), within walking distance of Eagle County airport.  It is close by to the Gypsum exit from I-70.

Charging at an RV park

Alert reader Ken (see comment) mentions that sometimes you can get lucky and avoid being stranded by charging your EV at an RV (recreational vehicle) park.  He’s right.  Here’s a real-life example on a remote stretch of I-70 in Utah. 

Planning ahead for EV charging makes a big difference

Here is the July 21, 2023 issue of The Elkalaka Eagle, where it was front-page news that an EV owner had planned ahead well enough to be able to charge at 27 miles per hour in a place that was 136 miles away from the nearest public EV charging station.