CCS charging

Hello loyal readers.  Today’s topic is Tesla CCS charging.  Today I did successfully charge up my Tesla car using CCS.  Why would anybody need to be able to do this?  What do you need to do to be able to do this?  How does it work exactly?  What is the purpose of that odd little… Continue reading CCS charging

Getting somewhere and needing to charge up the car

The executive summary is that I have set up an EV charger function at a very difficult installation location, namely a construction site for a a friend’s house that is under construction.  It is very different from the usual EV charger function.  I am delighted at the successful results.   Here are details.  

Inaugural post

Hello folks.  I became the owner of a Tesla Model S about a year ago. Just now I somehow managed to get a good enough driver safety score to qualify for Full Self Driving. I’ll be posting about the FSD and other aspects of Tesla car ownership here.